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Kada kažemo pozivnice za vjenčanje the first thing that comes to mind is a beautifully designed paper invitation with details about the wedding.

But it doesn't have to be just that. We offer our parovima the option of a video invitation as well.
"Limitations only exist in our minds. If we use our imagination, we open up a world of infinite possibilities."Jamie Paolinetti

Video invitations for weddings

Video invitations are a new and creative way to invite guests to your wedding. They are very practical, especially in these times of Covida , and for family and friends who are far away. The invitation is sent electronically to your future guests.


How to make such a video invitation?

Photography and video shooting is done several days, months before the wedding.

Each couple has something that is unique to them and for which they are known among family and friends.
Usually, something like that is chosen, for example, both love sports, so a video is recorded in that style.

You can reminisce about the engagement, the first kiss, or the place of the first date. Your imagination can come up with all sorts of things..
Some couples usually already have an idea of ​​what are the things that are most related to them. They choose the wardrobe in which they want to be filmed and photographed,
and we agree on the location and the story.

From those shots and photos, we make a video invitation, which serves not only as an invitation but also as an announcement of the wedding.
The photos and videos we take that day, we can call it a special day , we use them in the final wedding video montage, short wedding video, video clip in the making of a PHOTO BOOK.

If you have any questions about this type of invitation, contact us..

Take a look at how we made an invitation for our couple Milana and Marko.

Video invitation doesn't have to be only for weddings.

We live in a world where everyone uses the internet, and even our grandparents have learned to use it. That's why you can make a video invitation for any other occasion.

The birth of a child is a wonderful occasion to make a small video to inform your family and friends about the new member of the family.
When it's time for christening, make a video invitation for it. You can invite your dear ones to any occasion and celebration with a unique video invitation
And there are always occasions, such as birthdays (especially emphasizing the 18th), graduations, anniversaries, etc.
Instead of standards and stereotypes, be unique and surprise others with a video invitation.