Kirsty & Anton

Beach location : Beau Vallon beach – Mahe . Seychelles
Villa location : Villa chateau-elysium . Seychelles
Wedding photographer : Renata
Wedding videographer and editor: Gogson

Beach wedding

Since you have decided to have your perfect wedding on the beach. You have found the perfect destination, maybe traveled thousands of kilometers with family and friends.
You have chosen the beach that you believe is the most beautiful for the ceremony.You have selected the decoration, hairstyle, makeup artist, music, and everything is ready for the beach wedding 🙂.
Now, it is time to choose the photographers. You must be very careful in selecting the photographer and videographer for this type of wedding

A lot of time has been spent organizing the beach wedding, and it would be a shame to have an amateur or a bad photographer with a good story wander onto your wedding and end up giving something that is, at best, bad.
It often happens that guests with mobile phones take better photos than the hired photographer.

Angels35 wedding tim had the honor and pleasure of photographing and filming Kirsty and Anton's beach wedding, who had planned their perfect wedding on the beach.


Kirsty and Anton chose a beautiful beach location in Seychelles for their romantic beach wedding. With the help of their friends, this couple organized an intimate wedding in front of a villa located right on the ocean shore.

Tropical flowers were set up on a beautiful wedding decoration. A bamboo arch decorated with tropical exotic flowers created a beautiful combination of colors and textures that blended perfectly with the beautiful nature around them.
The dinner table was adorned with fresh floral arrangements, candles... All of this created a beautiful romantic atmosphere.

We were in charge of capturing every moment of this beautiful day.

Hogwarts Magic

Kirsty was radiating with happiness and excitement on her wedding day in Seychelles. In the morning hours before the ceremony, Kirsty, together with her mom and friends, did each other's hair and makeup. At one point, they put on specially prepared robes, laughed, and sang a song from the movie Harry Potter and Hogwarts Magic.
That moment was particularly emotional and unforgettable for Kirsty, her friends, and her mom.


The happiness that shone in Kirsty's eyes during the preparations for her special day was undeniable.
With champagne and laughter, Kirsty and her friends relaxed and enjoyed this special moment. Her wedding dress was specifically chosen for the occasion and fit her like a glove. All in all, Kirsty was beautiful and exuded happiness that was contagious to everyone around her


Getting ready in another villa with his friends, Anton was relaxed and getting ready for the ceremony in a shirt tailored for a beach wedding.
His look was very stylized yet casual, with a special emphasis on the tropical vibe of the entire ceremony. Excitement was in the air, and Anton and his friends had fun and joked while preparing for this special day. Anton was certain that the wedding would be an unforgettable experience that would mark him for life.

Beach wedding

Kirsty wore a locket with a picture of her father, who was with them in their thoughts and hearts on this special day. Emotions were mixed as Kirsty and her closest prepared for this important day.
Her feelings were reflected in a beautiful smile and tears that appeared in her eyes when she finally put on her wedding dress.

Kirsty and Anton stood in front of the registrar and exchanged their fateful "I do's" while their friends and family were with them, celebrating their love.

After the ceremony, Kirsty and Anton joined their guests on the beautiful sandy beach for photos. Renata captured their happiness and love as they played and laughed on the ocean shore.

As night fell, a formal dinner was held on the beach under the starry sky.
The dinner was set up in front of the beach villa, and the decoration was beautiful - candles and tropical flowers adorned the tables, creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere
After emotional speeches from friends and family, Kirsty and Anton danced their first dance together to live music from the Seychelles band.

Renata recorded every moment of that special day and allowed Kirsty and Anton to always have memories of their beautiful beach wedding in Seychelles.