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Angels35 photography

Wedding photographer

Photography makes us happy, and being a wedding photographer is a privilege because you share the joy of that day with everyone present.
Choosing a wedding photographer is very important because your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Our wedding photographer is the perfect choice for your unique day.

On your wedding day, you need someone with whom you feel comfortable and relaxed.
Through our photos, special moments, good times, happiness, and emotions of your wedding day will forever be remembered.

Alongside Angels 35 photographers, unique moments of joy, love, and happiness will not go unnoticed.

We won't stop for a photo, we capture spontaneous moments as they happen.
We love for each photo to be imbued with emotion and happiness.

Each couple is different, so we don't limit our style of photography. With a unique approach, we find the perfect combination of capturing moments as they happen, portraits, and stunning scenes worthy of a magazine.

Check out our stories. , where we have showcased several couples who have chosen us to capture their unique day through videos and photos.

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wedding photographer

Wedding photographer

Renata wedding photographer

Wedding photographer

wedding photographer

Wedding photographer

Wedding photographer

Angels 35 is a small but select team, creative and imaginative with vast experience in video recording and wedding photography.

With over 10 years of experience, we have shot weddings all around the world.
We approach each wedding with a unique style, and capture sincere emotions that people can feel long after the wedding is over
For couples who have spent a year preparing for their dream wedding , searching for makeup artists, hairdressers, music, etc., we capture and shoot it all to make their wedding look like a dream come true.


We offer several great packages for video shooting and wedding photography, as well as created video invitations for their wedding..

We stand behind our claim that for our prices, you will always receive more than what was agreed and paid for. You do not have to sacrifice quality for affordability; instead, you will receive the best value for your investment with us.

Our equipment for wedding photography and video shooting is always professional and of the highest quality. It is always ready to capture your most important day in any situation.


Jelena and Marko - Outdoor weddings

When you wake up in the morning, bathed in the sun's rays, you know that the day will be perfect for outdoor wedding photography. As a photographer, I have to say that I always love shooting weddings when ...

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Take a look at what our newlyweds receive as their photo book.


As wedding photographers, we are here to not only provide photography services but also to create unforgettable memories of your big day. We believe that each couple is unique, and therefore we approach each wedding with an individualized approach.

Our philosophy is to capture spontaneity and emotions, as we believe that every moment of happiness multiplies if it is recorded. Our photos showcase not only captured moments but also the emotions and atmosphere present on your wedding day.


Our services include wedding photography, portraits, and details that matter to you. We want our photos to convey your story, and therefore we work with you to understand your desires and expectations. We strive to relieve you of stress and help you relax on your wedding day.

Our goal is to provide you with top-notch service to make your day unforgettable and to provide you with photos that you will proudly share with your loved ones and friends.

By choosing Angels35, you not only get an experienced and talented wedding photographer, but also someone who will guide you through the entire process and ensure that your big day is everything you've ever wanted.

Why Choose Us

Unique vision
Top equipment.
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