Being a wedding photographer is one of the most beautiful professions you can have.

Choosing a wedding photographer is very important, as your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, and the photos are all that you have left afterwards.

Dajana and Miloš entrusted us with their wedding photography. At the time when they decided to get married
, measures and restrictions due to Covid-19 were already in place in Banja Luka.

However, Dajana and Miloš did not want to miss out on the photos that would one day be precious memories to them.
Their decision was to have a micro wedding, with only family and close friends at the dinner. In doing so, they avoided the pressure of organizing a big wedding and entered the day relaxed, without rushing and without watching the clock.
The only place where we had to be at a certain time was the church where Dajana and Miloš planned to get married.


Dajana & Miloš

Location : Banja Luka – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Photographer : Renata
Video : Gogson

Choosing the location for photography

When it comes to wedding photography, choosing the perfect location is key.
While some couples leave this decision up to the photographer, others prefer to have a say in the matter. In the case of our recent wedding shoot, we worked closely with the couple to decide on the best location to capture their special day.

Banja Luka is a beautiful city with many great spots for wedding photography, but we decided to venture outside the city limits for a more natural setting.

With so much time spent indoors due to the pandemic, we wanted to take advantage of the great outdoors and capture the beauty of nature. The blue skies, rolling hills, and open spaces provided the perfect backdrop for our couple.

By starting the shoot in the couple's apartment and capturing their getting ready process, we were able to tell a more complete story of their wedding day.
From there, we headed out into the great outdoors to take advantage of the stunning scenery. It's amazing how a natural setting can elevate the photos and create a timeless feel that will be cherished for years to come.

wedding photographer

Dajana & Miloš – wedding photography Banja Luka

wedding photographer

Dajana & Miloš – wedding photography Banja Luka

wedding photographer Banja Luka

Dajana & Miloš – wedding photography Banja Luka

Because every couple is different, we don't limit our photography style.

instead, we use a unique approach to find the perfect combination of capturing candid moments, portraits, and stunning scenes worthy of a magazine.

We're not wedding photographers who will stop you for a photo; we capture spontaneous moments as they happen.

The beautiful green meadows and clearings of Manjaca, the wilderness and freedom, the calming blue sky and warmth of the sun seemed to perfectly describe the character of Dajana and Milos. They fit seamlessly into the environment, relaxed and enjoyed the sun, wind, love, kisses, emotions, and more.

For us, they were the perfect couple to photograph because we love every photo to be infused with emotion and happiness.

Dajana and Milos gave us all of that and received it back through their photographs.

At the end of the day, the location you choose for your wedding photography should reflect your style, personality, and vision.
Whether you want an urban or natural landscape, there are endless possibilities for capturing the perfect photos.

If you're planning a wedding in Banja Luka or the surrounding area, consider the beauty and versatility of outdoor photography for your special day. And remember, your wedding photos are a lifelong reminder of your love story, so choose your location wisely!

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