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Angels35 - Wedding videographer and photographer

Who is Angels35 wedding studio.

Renata and Goran are Angels35 team for wedding photography and filming. Life and business partners who do everything together, or how I like to joke "Partners in crime". Honest, positive, usually-unusual, communicative. With us, people feel comfortable and relaxed.

I stated that we are honest, so let's be like that. I will tell you that we much prefer to work video.
Video is a much more demanding job and is much more creative than photography. If we have the chance to choose, we always choose video and we leave the photography to other photographers.

When filming, we only use honesty in large quantities. For example, when the groom is getting dressed, we don't allow him to spend half an hour adjusting his tie or buttoning his shirt. Or, for instance, bridesmaids fixing the bride's hair.
Why do they fix it when she just came from the hairdresser? We immediately react to things that are unnatural and look silly on video.
Your behavior must be natural and normal. Because one day when you watch the video or photos with friends or children, you shouldn't look funny or unnatural.

I mentioned that we are positive and communicative, and our smile never leaves our faces.
We spread positive energy through communication while we work, and everyone is smiling and relaxed. In this way, we have beautiful, happy, and smiling people in front of the camera.That's why we get a video filled with lovely emotions.

Ordinary-unusual, we are ordinary until we start pulling out things from our bags: hair spray, hairpins, rubber bands, sanitary pads, scissors, needle and thread, painkillers, lip gloss, lipstick, nail file, super glue, etc.
Over the years of experience at weddings, we have encountered various unforeseen situations where we were the only ones who could "save the day". We made the bride's hairstyle, sewed her wedding dress, glued on false eyelashes and nails, fixed her makeup, and so on.

Nothing can surprise us; we are prepared for all situations. The wedding day has no repeat, it cannot be repeated. Our newlyweds must have a perfect day.

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Frequently asked questions about weddings.

Working hours for wedding photography and videography?

One of the common questions asked by couples or future newlyweds is: "How many hours do you shoot or photograph for?"
We jokingly tell them, "As soon as the bride wakes up, we start shooting and taking pictures."
This is actually true because we capture the bride from the beginning of her preparations for that day, including the hairdresser and makeup artist. Not a single moment of their wedding day should be missed, so our cameras never stop rolling and capture everything that happens on the wedding day.

Preparing the future bride and groom, welcoming guests, getting married in front of the registrar, getting married in a religious institution, welcoming guests, the entrance of the newlyweds, the first dance, party and wedding cake with champagne. We also stay after the wedding cake to capture and photograph the party if the newlyweds and guests are dancing. Of course, in addition to these events, there is also the essential photo shoot of our couple before entering the hall.

This is our working hours for a normal wedding.
However, due  Covid situation micro weddings, small weddings, or just getting married in front of a registrar with a photo shoot afterwards are becoming more common. In these cases, the time for shooting the wedding is adapted to the selected package or agreed conditions with our couple.


Weather conditions?

This question is mostly asked by the future bride and it goes like this: "What if it rains? How can we do the photo shoot?"
In that case, when weather conditions are not suitable for photography and videography, we will not shoot. When we say unsuitable weather conditions, we mean heavy rain, snow, blizzard, when it is really impossible to do a photo shoot. Instead, we take pictures and shoot the day or two after, two to three days later, when the weather is suitable for shooting. Our couples will not be deprived of a photo shoot nor will they be charged extra.

Special day for wedding photography and videography?

Many ask us, do we need it since we have a photo shoot on the wedding day? Why should we have a special day?

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

That day is intended for couples who want to fulfill their dreams.To make their fairytale wedding look like a movie. Couples want to tell their love story. Their love story is very important because it preceded their wedding. That is why they are unique and different.
These are examples of some of our couples: Branka i Dragan,  Nikolina i Spomenko, Darija i Miloš, Jovana i Nikola , Suzana i Slobodan , Matea i Robert , who chose this type of video and you can see what their love story looks like.

Šta je poseban dan fotografisanje vjenčanja ?

It is the day that you choose for photography and filming, and it is not necessarily tied to the actual wedding day. A story or scenario is prepared for this day and filmed accordingly.
Some couples already have a story ready, while others create their own story with our help and ideas. Don't think that the scenario for this day is something difficult and demanding.

We are here to help you with advice and ideas so that your unique love story looks like a Hollywood movie. To be honest, your wedding day is unique and unrepeatable, and as such, it should be recorded for your memory and for the memories of all generations that are present or will come in the future.

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." - Theodor Seuss Geisel

Wedding photography and videography with a drone?

One of the questions that couples often ask is about the equipment we use. Do we use Canon, Nikon, Sony? Or why don't we use cameras instead of photo cameras? Do we have enough light because "it will be dark in the room"? Or, for example, "My room is very small, how will you capture my entire wedding dress?" Yes, we receive many questions related to equipment.

However, the most important question is, do we have a drone? Yes, we have a drone and we use it for photography and videography of your wedding.
We currently use Dji air 2S , which serve to showcase the location of the event and introduce the viewer of the video into the story by showing them the setting of the story. Unfortunately, many people think that the drone should be used to film the entire wedding.
We have top-of-the-line professional equipment for wedding photography, videography, and audio recording

I have to quote Arnolda Newmana who said,
"Many photographers think that if they buy a better camera they will be able to take better pictures. A better camera won't do anything for you if you don't have anything in your head or in your heart."

We have experience, over 10 years of photographing weddings and filming weddings. We have a lot of imagination in our heads and a lot of love in our hearts. That's why you don't have to worry about the equipment. You just need to be relaxed, smiling, and happy. Because that day is unique and you should enjoy every second of it.

Video invitations for a wedding.

When we say wedding invitation, the first association is a beautifully designed paper invitation with details about the wedding. But it doesn't have to be just that. We offer our couples the option of video invitations for their wedding.