Our job is to enjoy, both in the city of Banja Luka and in the Seychelles.

Magazine Hedonist, article published in December 2020.


renata i goran

Hedonist magazine - Renata and Goran - Enjoyment is our job, from Banja Luka to Seychelles

Love brought them together.
Renata and Goran Ratković have been sailing the seas of matrimony for over two decades. They had a shared hobby that turned into a profession.
Today, they are spouses, best friends, and closest collaborators.

Renata and Goran Ratković from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina do what they love, and their job has taken them all over the world. Their photography and videography work has taken them to all countries in the region, numerous European capitals, and luxury destinations worldwide. They spent the longest time in the Seychelles.

Photos from the wedding shoot Hindy weddings in Munich , Aleksandra Radović and Sergej Četković photography from Seychelles,

The Seychelles is a prestigious destination where the wealthiest people from around the world vacation.

We stayed there for about a year and recorded the most beautiful moments of tourists. They were mostly weddings of couples in love, with whom we are still in contact today - for Hedonist magazine is the story of Renata, who started taking photos in high school, when her father gave her a photo lab as a gift.

Renata and Goran
Life on the Seychelles is not similar to that in Banja Luka.

Everything there is geared toward privacy, and there is no noise or chaos. It is an island state, surrounded by the ocean, filled with greenery, like one big salty room where one constantly breathes fresh air.

The prices of accommodation and luxury goods such as cigarettes and alcohol are drastically higher than here.
However, thanks to their product – photographs and video spots, with which clients were more than satisfied, they managed to rent a house on the beach and afford everything they wanted at that time, says Goran.


Renata photographer – web sajt 

Sunset Seychelles

The work is divided so that Renata takes photosbecause she knows how to evoke emotions in people, while Goran takes videos..
After returning from the field, Goran continues to work on the captured material. His job is to process photos and edit videos, while Renata goes shopping, prepares exotic food, and organizes a pleasant atmosphere for leisure time.

"We ate the best seafood and exotic fruits there. I have never found such flavorful products anywhere else," says Renata.
The coronavirus pandemic disrupted the work of many people, including the Ratković family. They returned to Banja Luka due to the ban on weddings, but they continued to work and live as beautifully as possible, within the given possibilities.

renata wedding photographer

Renata is a wedding photographer, and Goran is a videographer, and they were on the beach on La Digue Island, Seychelles.

It is true that they cannot charge as much for their services here as they could in Seychelles, but there is work here too.
"We work just as well, regardless of the money we can charge," says Goran.
Recently, while working on one gig, they traveled throughout the Republika Srpska, from Novi Grad to Trebinje, and they say it was an unforgettable journey.

We were not aware of all the beauty around us.

So many beautiful landscapes, natural wonders, especially in Herzegovina, so many good and hospitable hosts. We have been sorting out our impressions for days, telling stories, commenting, and regretting what we missed photographing," they excitedly recount their journey through Srpska.


They are not employed by a company but work as freelancers and are always ready for a new adventure.
They work on additional education every day, perfecting new shooting and editing methods, as well as digital marketing. They invest a good portion of the money they earn in new equipment, as it is their means of work and life, which they have turned into pure hedonism.