Branka i Dragan

Location : Tuscany
Location: Banja Luka

Wedding photographer : Renata

Wedding videographer : Gogson

Wedding photography is an interesting, creative, and very dynamic job.

Each new couple we work with is a new story, a new adventure
They are all another couple getting married, but that is all they have in common. Each couple is different, and their story is unique.

Our job takes us to various parts of the world and many interesting locations. Travel is an integral part of our job, and we always look forward to new and exciting destinations. We recently traveled with one of our couples to a prestigious location in the Tuscany region.

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It's no secret that being photographed in Tuscany is a form of prestige. The landscapes of Tuscany are so beautiful that they have become icons.
Day by day, year by year, they attract more and more tourists, future spouses... and newlyweds! Being in Italy is magical, and photographing newlyweds in these locations is like a dream come true.

Branka and Dragan chose this Italian region for their pre-wedding photoshoot. When they told us their idea, we were thrilled. They had a concrete idea in mind. They wanted to use their vacation in Tuscany for a photoshoot and video shooting before the wedding.

Wedding photography in Tuscany

Wedding photography in Tuscany

Wedding photography in Tuscany


The plan for the first day was a sightseeing tour of Pisa and a swim at the sandy beaches of Livorno. The day was perfect for swimming at Calambrone beach. Although we could have stayed at that long sandy beach in Livorno until the end of the day, we headed towards Pisa.

Although we had agreed that I wouldn't work that day, I couldn't resist taking a few photos of our couple at such a famous place. Taking photos of them in front of the historic wooden doors and the leaning tower of Pisa was essential. While wandering the streets of Pisa, we also took a few tourist photos with them as the main protagonists of the story. We really made the most of the rest of the time for sightseeing, dinner, and spending time together.

Wedding photography in Tuscany
Choosing the location for photography and filming is very important.

To make the romantic couple's photography as we planned, we needed to choose accommodation that is in line with our vision.
We started searching the internet for the perfect accommodation. I have to admit it wasn't easy or quick to find suitable accommodation. After a little longer search, we managed to find what we were looking for on Finally, we had a travel plan, cities we wanted to visit, and a perfect house for filming and photography.

You may be wondering why accommodation is important, especially with such beautiful outdoor landscapes. As a wedding photographer , I had a vision of what I needed for photography. Similarly, the videographer had his shooting plan and scenes he wanted to capture. Both the indoor and outdoor locations were important for all of this.

Wedding photography in Tuscany

Wedding photography in Tuscany

Wedding photography in Tuscany

When we arrived at our first chosen location, it was even better than we expected! The charming little town of Lari in the province of Pisa, Tuscany, is indescribable.
Our accommodation and host were a pleasant surprise. La Toreta house is located on a hill in the village of San Rufino.

The view from the window, terrace overlooking the hills and vineyards of Tuscany is fantastic. Based on the position of the sun, we realized that we would have a fantastic sunrise for filming and photographing.

We started photographing Branka and Dragan at dawn. Our La Toreta villa, located in the San Rufino village on the hill, bathed in the first rays of the sun about to rise, was the perfect set for filming.

The wedding videographer and photographer knew how to make the most of such lighting. On the terrace above the picturesque sun-kissed hills of Tuscany, we filmed the first scenes and took the first photos. Then the light became absolutely perfect, allowing us to capture some truly incredible and unforgettable photos that they will cherish forever. We were thrilled with the material we created. Of course, this would not have been possible if our couple were not so relaxed and in a good mood.


The next location we planned for was a cypress tree avenue. Tuscany and Italy itself are very famous for these avenues.

Every estate, villa or house has one cypress tree avenue. We set out to find the perfect one for us. Yes, the perfect one...when we can choose the position of the sun and the length of the avenue, of course we will do it. After driving on side roads for some time, we saw it.

We found that perfect avenue and started with photography and video recording. Our newlyweds were relaxed and having a good time during the shoot. Branka shone in a beautiful wedding dress. Our set among the cypress trees did not go unnoticed, many residents of that place slowed down to take a look and smiled at us.


Our day didn't end there. We searched the area for interesting locations.
While we were driving, we noticed a couple of sunflower fields. We wanted to photograph and film our couple in a sunflower field.

They were thrilled with the idea, so we set out to find sunflowers that we could get close to and that had their flower heads facing the right direction. It wasn't an easy search, my dear friends, as those are all private properties that we use as our sets, but we found it.

In that sun-drenched sunflower field, Branka and Dragan felt relaxed, completely free to be themselves and express their love for each other. We had the easy task of capturing those emotions forever.

The Mistery of Love, Tuscany

The landscape that surrounded us, the sun, sunflowers, and cypresses of Tuscany, completed the atmosphere: as you can see, the photos are truly enchanting. And I must admit that we had a lot of fun shooting them.
When you are surrounded by the wonderful beauty, some magic of Tuscany, being in such a place is incredible.

Although our work was finished, our journey through Italy was not. We headed towards Siena and Florence. On the way there, we stayed in San Gimignano where we celebrated our cameraman's birthday.

Siena ...a city that delighted and enchanted us. And now, when I think of it, it is so vivid in my memory, and I can walk its streets again.

Florence ...history, architecture, culture, and all the other things that make that city special. In addition to the mandatory sightseeing of all tourist destinations, we always left time for independent exploration of non-touristy parts of those cities.

As I told you at the beginning, being a wedding photographer is an interesting job. Our adventure in Tuscany is over, but the magic of Tuscany remains in us and our work.