When we say an outdoor wedding, it's a very broad term.

It can be by a lake, river, in the forest, on a meadow, on a golf course or a football field.
And it can also be a beach wedding by the sea or ocean.

Angels35 has extensive experience in photographing and video recording outdoor weddings.
With over 300 photographed weddings and over 100 recorded beach wedding videos, it can be said that it's our specialty.
Living and working for a year on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Seychelles, we had the honor of filming and photographing weddings of wonderful couples.

Organizing a beach wedding is more challenging than an indoor wedding.
The organization of a beach wedding is especially demanding due to weather conditions: wind, rain, sun, etc.
Tide affects the choice of time for the wedding because when the tide comes in, the beach disappears.

wedding on the beach

Photographing and filming a beach wedding - Beach: Anse Bazarca beach

wedding on the beach

Photographing and filming a beach wedding - Decoration on the beach

vjenčanje na otvorenom

Photographing and filming a beach wedding - Decorated bow


Katerina and Obi

Beach location : Anse Bazarca beach -Mahe. Seychelles
Location : Valmer Resort – Mahe. Seychelles
Wedding photographer : Renata
Wedding videographer and editor: Gogson

A Czech woman and a Nigerian man who met and fell in love in Dubai.

Their desire is to have an outdoor wedding on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Anse Bazarca, Seychelles.
Our newlyweds Katerina and Obi had both family and friends who came to be with them on that unique day in their lives, the day of their wedding.

Outdoor Wedding - Preparations

Katerina and Obi started early in the morning.

Since we knew the desires of our newlyweds and the number of guests, all that was left was to set everything up on the beach. The chosen location was right at the end of the beach by the rocks under the palms.

The decorated arch under which the newlyweds would stand was made only for them, unique and one of a kind.
The wedding aisle, between 25 chairs, was covered with a white carpet and decorated with candles and flowers in red color with greenery.
For this outdoor wedding, transportation was organized for guests to reach the beach.

While waiting for the bride's arrival, guests were served refreshing coconut milk in a coconut shell decorated with hibiscus flowers.

The guests are here, the bride is here, and the beach wedding can begin. Of course, let's not forget about the videographer and photographer who are there because someone needs to immortalize those moments when two people crown their love with marriage.

As organizing an outdoor wedding is more challenging, it can be said that filming and photographing it is also more difficult.

For example, Katherine and Obi's beach wedding was very demanding to film.
There is a struggle with the sand. It sounds funny, doesn't it?
On this beach, Anse Bazarca, walking on the sand can be compared to walking on snow.
Your feet sink 15-20 cm into the sand. The sand slows down your walking and you have to hurry because the tide is rapidly eating the beach.
The sun and clouds change unexpectedly in seconds. All these conditions of working at a beach wedding are different and more demanding than when working indoors.

Precisely because it is unpredictable, different, and demanding, we love working on the beach. Because when you are in such a magical location, with a beautiful couple, you create unforgettable video footage and photographs.

All the negatives of working on the beach disappeared. You run on the beach like on the softest grass, the sun between 12 pm and 3 pm is like the best possible lighting, and the shimmering ocean is perfectly placed.
There is a lovely couple smiling, happy, in love...

And then, in the end, we captured memories, locked them in video and photographs for our newlyweds.