Bella Ciao Wedding Video - Dajana and Nemanja

When Dajana and Nemanja met, they knew they were meant to be together. After a long-term relationship, they decided it was time to start their life together. And so, in the most beautiful way, they vowed eternal love to each other.

Angels35 studio za fotorgafisanje i snimanje svadbe ima čast da vam predstavi jedno od svojih najromantičnijih vjenčanja. Dajana i Nemanja su se vjenčali u Banja Luci, a njihova ljubavna priča je zabilježena u našem video zapisu pod nazivom “Bella ciao wedding video”.

This beautiful wedding took place in Banja Luka, and the location of the church wedding was the Temple of Christ the Saviour in Banja Luka. The restaurant Stara Ada was the place where the formal dinner was organized, and the song Bella Ciao marked this beautiful wedding.


Preparations for the wedding began at the hotel, where Dajana dressed up with her maid of honor and friends. The atmosphere was fantastic, with smiles, laughter, and positive energy. Everyone couldn't wait to see the beautiful bride in her wedding dress.
After she was ready, Dajana and Nemanja headed to the Temple of Christ the Saviour in Banja Luka, where the church wedding was held.

After the wedding ceremony at the church, the newlyweds went to the restaurant Stara Ada, where the civil wedding was held outdoors. The beauty of the landscape was perfectly matched with the outdoor wedding decorations, creating an ideal atmosphere for this love story.


The party was lively, the groom played a few songs with his band while guests enjoyed themselves on the dance floor. With beautiful decorations and the atmosphere they created, Dajana and Nemanja's love story turned into an unforgettable event. The groom surprised everyone when he and his best man brought the cake through the entire room to the bride, accompanied by the song "Bella Ciao." He took a flower from the cake decoration and placed it behind Dajana's ear, which was a beautiful gesture of love.

Angels35 wedding studio captured every moment of this special day, recording every smile, every glance, every touch. This unforgettable day is recorded for all time, as is Dajana and Nemanja's entire love story.

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Bella ciao – Wedding video – Dajana and Nemanja
Location :  Banja Luka  - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Restaurant:  Stara ada – Banja Luka

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