The love story of Marija and Mladen is not only a story about two people who love each other, but also about their shared journey in achieving their dreams. This is a story about how their love for each other helped in organizing a beautiful wedding that left a strong impression on us as the videographers and photographers from Angels35 wedding studio and all those present.

Marija and Mladen planned every detail of their wedding, from the decoration to the music played. They wanted their wedding to be unique and to reflect their love and style.

Angels35 wedding studio, located in Banja Luka, was the perfect choice for Marija and Mladen's photographers and videographers. The team of photographers and videographers professionally and with great attention documented every important moment, starting from the moment when the newlyweds crossed the bridge to the night outdoor cake cutting with beautiful decoration and a spectacular fireworks display.

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This wedding was special because it was organized outdoors next to the Stara Ada restaurant, along the banks of the Vrbas River in Banja Luka. This was a perfect place for the ceremony, considering that Vrbas is one of the most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Love Story

Marija and Mladen's outdoor wedding

The civil wedding ceremony was held outdoors next to the Stara Ada restaurant, with a stunning view of the Vrbas river.
The beauty of the landscape was perfectly incorporated into the wedding decoration, creating an ideal atmosphere for this love story. The ceremony was captured by drones and ground cameramen, documenting every moment of this special day.
After the ceremony, Marija and Mladen, along with their guests, entered the beautifully decorated hall of the Stara Ada restaurant for the reception.
Like every detail of the wedding, the decoration in the hall was carefully thought out, and the atmosphere was relaxed and full of love.

Marija and Mladen's first dance was filled with love and emotion, while the guests enjoyed themselves on the dance floor. With the beautiful decoration and the atmosphere they created, Marija and Mladen's love story became an unforgettable event.

To top it off, the cake was served outdoors with another spectacular fireworks display, captured by the drones. This unforgettable moment was captured for all time, as was the entire love story of Marija and Mladen.

Wedding videography and photography- Angels35 wedding studio

Love Story Marija and Mladen – wedding video
Location : Banja Luka – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Location : Restaurant Stara Ada
Video : Gogson

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