WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY Rijeka / Opatija / Viškovo

Loredana and Ivica

Lokacija: Viškovo – Croatia
Location : Opatija – Croatia

Wedding photographer : Renata
Wedding videographer : Gogson

Wedding photography Rijeka  / Opatija / Viškovo / Kršan/ Croatia

The Kvarner Bay is located in the northeastern part of the Adriatic Sea between Istria and the Croatian coast, where the largest Croatian port of Rijeka is located. Just above Rijeka is Viškovo, where our story of filming and photographing Loredana and Ivica's wedding begins.

Time flies by, and the day came when we took our equipment and headed towards Rijeka to film and photograph Loredana and Ivica's wedding. When we arrived in Rijeka, before meeting our hosts, we took some time to go to Kantrida Beach and relax with the sound of the sea and a cup of coffee.
After all our phone conversations and secret wedding planning, we finally met our hosts Jadranka and Seja. Later, our bride Loredana joined us. We didn't want to take up too much of their time as the final wedding preparations were underway. We took the wedding protocol and schedule, and agreed on additional details for the next day.


On the morning of June 11th, 2022, the day of Loredana and Ivica's wedding, the sun shone on Viškovo. Everything was ready for that day to be special and unforgettable for our couple. From early morning, we turned on our cameras, and filming and filming and photography of the wedding began

In the package they chose, we  wedding video and photography the bride at the hairdresser and during the makeup session. We filmed and photographed Loredana at the hair salon, and the hairstyle she chose suited her perfectly. At home, there was a busy and cheerful atmosphere filled with emotions and tears of happiness.

At our groom Ivica's house, guests gathered happily and excitedly, waiting for the bride with singing. Cars honked, flags waved, and with singing and cheers, the decorated car procession set off towards Loredana's house. The moment of the bride's exit was beautiful and emotional, and Loredana shone in a beautiful wedding dress.

For us, as wedding photographers and videographers, it was a pleasure to film and photograph such a wedding.

Wedding photography Rijeka Opatija Viškovo

Wedding photography Rijeka Opatija Viškovo

Wedding photography Rijeka Opatija Viškovo

WEDDING PARTY - Old Trails of Kršan

Our groom Ivica, happy and mesmerized, took the love of his life and together with their wedding guests headed towards Kršan, where the planned wedding and wedding party were taking place. The couple went to the registry office for the wedding ceremony, but a surprise was waiting for them. The wedding car stopped in front of Stancija Stare Staze, where the decoration and registrar were waiting for them in the garden to perform the wedding ceremony.

Confused and overjoyed, the couple could barely hold back their tears. After the wedding ceremony, we went to the Old Town of Kršan for the bride and groom's photoshoot and video recording.

Kršan is a beautiful and charming place in the eastern part of Istria.
Our couple was thrilled and happy, and in front of the cameras, they were natural and relaxed, making the photoshoot and wedding video recording a real pleasure for us.
There were still more events and surprises planned for Loredana and Ivica on that day. After returning to the beautifully decorated and designed restaurant Stare Staze, the newlyweds started their first dance. The dancing and party continued until the late hours of the night.

The sweet part of the evening, the wedding cake, momentarily interrupted the party, which is essential at every wedding. And Loredana and Ivica's parents prepared another surprise for them. While they were cutting the cake, a big heart made of fireworks lit up behind them, and a fantastic fireworks display began. With champagne, the newlyweds and their guests enjoyed watching the night sky above Kršan illuminated by the magnificent fireworks. Our cameras recorded every moment of the evening.

Photo and video shooting - special day

Photo and video shooting - special day

Photo and video shooting - special day


Loredana and Ivica had a special day for photoshoot and video recording included in their chosen package. We left the location choices up to them. Loredana wanted to be photographed without her wedding dress, and she chose two dresses, one longer and one shorter, that suited her perfectly.

Ivica chose locations in the mainland's pine forest and a viewpoint towards Opatija. Loredana prefers the sea, so we photographed and filmed our couple in Opatija, by the sea and in the beautiful Opatija park where Ivica proposed to Loredana.
We had a wonderful time together making memories in the form of photographs and videos.

As a wedding photographer and wedding videographer, we were happy that Loredana and Ivica trusted us and chose us to be with them on that big day. Personally, we were glad to have met such wonderful people, families, and...
In the end, Watch video and photos.