Outdoor weddings in Banja Luka

Jelena i Marko

Location: Banja Luka

Wedding photographer : Renata


When you wake up in the morning, bathed in sunlight, you know that the day will be perfect for wedding photography photography.
What nobody wants is for rain to ruin their wedding day. This can be a nightmare for both the bride and groom and the photographers.

In the case of Jelena and Marko, a sunny morning greeted them as they arrived at the "Tko te šiša?" salon. Jelena had an appointment for hair and makeup.

A brief kiss on the cheek and Marko left his beloved in the experienced hands of Tamara, who would create her hairstyle and enhance her natural beauty with makeup.
Jelena's sister and mother also arrived at the salon, both of whom need to look beautiful today. The relaxed atmosphere filled with laughter and conversation is fantastic for us wedding photographers.

Photographing outdoor weddings

Photographing outdoor weddings

Photographing outdoor weddings


Our bride's preparation is coming to an end, we just need to add a boho decoration to her hair that matches the style of the entire wedding decor.
The wedding was designed and decorated as a boho outdoor wedding.

Jelena, with her beautiful makeup and hairstyle, stopped by the florist shop "Kamelija , to pick up her bouquet before heading towards the villa.

Photographing outdoor weddings

Photographing outdoor weddings

Photographing outdoor weddings


After a long planning and organizing process for the boho outdoor wedding,  Villa La Repit was chosen as the location for the event.

The villa is located 17 km from Banja Luka near the Ethno Village of Ljubačke Doline.
For me as a wedding photographer, the villa was a perfect choice. Surrounded by meadows and hills in the embrace of nature, it was perfect for photographing the newlyweds.

To make everything as planned, a boho outdoor wedding, Sara and her team from the flower shop Kamelija were in charge of the decorations. While they were working on setting up the decor, we did our part of the job, photographing the preparation of the bride and groom.

The two of them are natural and relaxed in front of the cameras, and it is a real pleasure to photograph such newlyweds. In the end, we had beautiful photographs.
At almost the same time when we finished photographing, the decorations were ready.
Marko saw Jelena in her edding dress for the first time. Together, they enjoyed the view of the set up decorations for their boho outdoor wedding.


As planned, we had to follow the protocol for the wedding. We headed towards Banja Luka for the church wedding. Parents, godparents, and relatives welcomed them in front of the church.
Jelena and Marko were married according to the Orthodox belief in the Temple of Christ the Savior, and we photographed the moments of the wedding ceremony.

Finally, we took a brief photo shoot . of the newlyweds in the church and the city.


When the weather is good, time flies by quickly, it's true. After this brief photoshoot of the newlyweds, we hurried to the villa to arrive in time for the civil wedding.

A beautiful boho decoration was set up on the lawn in front of the villa. The newlyweds stood in front of the registrar with their godparents.

They said their vows loudly with smiles and received thunderous applause from the guests.
We then took a formal photo with the guests before heading to the photo shoot ..


For a boho outdoor wedding photo shoot, you don't need much, just good weather, nature, and a happy couple.
We had all of that and took fantastic photos.
Although we had a great time during the photo shoot, it was time for dinner and the first dance.

The newlyweds and guests were served dinner on a beautifully decorated table next to the pool. Catering Marko Polo was responsible for this delicious part of their wedding..
As with everything else at the wedding, the food was fantastic.
Not only was it nicely decorated, but it was also very tasty. We took photos of these details at this boho outdoor wedding.


The band responsible for music and good atmosphere started playing immediately after dinner. With a slow start, the atmosphere started to heat up and the guests started dancing. However, when our groom took the guitar and sang with the band, everyone was up on their feet dancing and singing.

Photographing the party at this boho outdoor wedding was a pleasure. Capturing with a photograph all those moments of happiness and love, all those smiles and emotions.
As the sweet moment of the evening approached, the wedding cake, the party was getting heated. Although the weather had been good until then, the sky decided to open up and pour rain.
The cheerful guests didn't let that dampen their spirits and continued the party indoors by the pool, and they moved the cake to the next day.

For their perfect outdoor wedding, Jelena and Marko planned two days. They left the cake for the next day when they invited friends to celebrate with them.

As a photographer, I must say that I always enjoy photographing outdoor weddings. I love working with natural light and with wonderful people.
I had all of that here.

Enjoy watching a small selection of photos of Jelena and Marko from their boho outdoor wedding.