Wedding videography and photography

Nikolina i Ognjen

Location :Doboj
Location: Banja Luka

Wedding photographer : Renata

Wedding videographer : Gogson

Videographing and photographing weddings is a creative and responsible job.

Photography and videos are one of the ways to forever capture moments of happiness and love on the wedding day.

Our story about Nikolina and Ognjen is not just a tale of one day, but of an entire journey that began with one "yes" and evolved into an eternal love story.
The wedding day of Nikolina and Ognjen was like a fairy tale, filled with excitement, emotions, and unforgettable moments
Angels35 Wedding Studio, driven by a passion for capturing weddings, captured every moment, giving them an eternal imprint that will remind them of that special day. See how wedding stories of couples who chose us look like.

Watch the video and feel the atmosphere of their wedding day.

 Nikolina i Ognjen – wedding highlights


The wedding day began with rain from the early morning hours. It was not possible to do video and photo shooting in those weather conditions.
As with all our other clients in such situations, we scheduled the first available days to complete the video and photo shooting.

The locations for photography and video shooting are selected: the Balkan Lake near Mrkonjić Grad and the Manjača Mountain.  Angels35 wedding studioled by wedding photographer Renato and videographer Goran, captured every moment of love and joy of Nikolina and Ognjen at these locations.

In addition to drone video recording, we also did aerial drone photography. The video and photos taken on that special day of shooting will forever remain a part of their memories.

Wedding videography and photography

As photographers and videographers of their wedding, we were responsible for capturing every smile, every gaze filled with love through video and photographs.
Every moment of silence filled with meaning. Our photographs and videos are not just images but stories that will be retold and watched for generations.

Wedding videography and photography

Wedding videography and photography

Wedding videography and photography

Nikolina and Ognjen recently said their "I do"
in the beautiful Monastery of Saint Nicholas on Mount Ozren.

Their wedding left an indelible mark in the hearts of all present, and this unique ambiance further enriched their love story.

The Monastery of Saint Nicholas is a spiritual center with impressive architecture and a peaceful atmosphere, rising on Mount Ozren.
The wedding ceremony at the Monastery of Saint Nicholas was exceptionally solemn and filled with deep spirituality. When Nikolina and Ognjen stood before the altar, this unique ambiance further enriched their love story.
The godfather changed the wedding rings, symbolizing the continuity and endurance of their love. Then, the priest placed crowns on the heads of the newlyweds, signifying their marriage and the crowning of their love in the name of faith.

Wedding video and photo

Wedding video and photo

Wedding video and photo

Church Wedding

This gesture represents the symbol of spiritual protection and unity, symbolizing God's presence and blessing that inspires their love bond. The words of love and fidelity vows echoed through the sacred space, uniting their souls in the holy covenant of marriage. Renata as the wedding photographer and Goran responsible for wedding filming captured every moment. They transformed moments into cinematic shots and unique photographs.

The wedding ceremony at the Monastery of Saint Nicholas was more than just a routine ritual - it was a spiritual experience that Nikolina and Ognjen will carry in their hearts forever, reminding them of the depth of their love and God's presence in their shared journey through life.


The wedding reception at the Jungle Wedding Hall in Doboj was an unforgettable experience for all present. After the solemn ceremony at the monastery, Nikolina and Ognjen made a spectacular entrance into the hall, surrounded by the applause and cheers of their friends and family.

The atmosphere immediately became euphoric as the newlyweds danced their first dance to the sounds of the excellent band Maskarada, with smoke and sparklers creating a dramatic ambiance.

The wedding reception was fantastic - the music was exciting, crazy sunglasses, and the dance floor was full of energy. The smiles on the faces of the newlyweds and their guests were infectious. The newlyweds quickly joined the guests on the dance floor, captivating everyone with their love and happiness.


In the midst of the celebration, the bride tossed the bouquet, causing excitement and laughter among the girls who competed to catch it. The wedding cake, along with the champagne, brought the entire hall to its feet as the newlyweds cut the cake together, symbolizing a sweet shared future.

As the moments of joy continued, the wedding party at the Jungle Wedding Hall extended deep into the night. These were moments of joy, love, and togetherness that Nikolina and Ognjen will cherish for their entire lives as the most precious memories of their wedding day.

Wedding videography and photography in Banja Luka / Doboj / Bosnia.

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