Anamarija i Špiro

Location : Jesenice – Croatia
Photographer : Renata
Video : Gogson

Wedding Photography in Split / Omiš / Jesenice
Are you planning a wedding that will stay etched in your memories forever?

Anamarija and Špiro have entrusted us with the honor of capturing every precious moment of their wedding day. They have chosen our Video Package 1 and Photography Package 1 to ensure a complete experience. Our wedding photographers approached each moment of the ceremony with great care, capturing every smile, every glance filled with love and happiness.

Agels35 Wedding Studio Angels35 Wedding Studio is your reliable destination for capturing every special moment of your big day. Our experienced wedding photographers are dedicated to capturing all the emotions and beauty of your wedding to create unforgettable memories. Meet Anamarija and Špiro, a beautiful couple whose wedding we have captured with immense pleasure.

Wedding Photography in Split / Omiš / Jesenice

Wedding Photography in Split / Omiš / Jesenice

Wedding Photography in Split / Omiš / Jesenice

Anamarija i Špiro – wedding highlights – Angels35 wedding videography

Angels35 Wedding Studio didn't just film and photograph Anamarija and Špiro...

We crafted a story, an artistic masterpiece that will last a lifetime. Our dedication to details, sense of aesthetics, and love for every moment make us your ideal choice for documenting your wedding.

In Jesenice, the forest landscapes and crystal-clear sea created an idyllic backdrop for the romantic moments of Anamarija and Špiro. Jesenice offered the charm of a town with medieval architecture, while Omiš mesmerized with its history and beauty, especially under the sun's rays.

The Church of St. Rok in Jesenice was a sacred place where Anamarija and Špiro pronounced their vows. The excitement was palpable as the newlyweds entered into marriage under the sanctity of that place. Our photographers carefully selected angles and perspectives to capture every detail of the ceremony, creating artistic photographs that will remain cherished memories forever.

After the ceremony, Anamarija and Špiro embarked on a journey through the beautiful landscapes of Jesenice and Omiš. At each location, our professionals created magic in the photographs, using the natural beauty of the surroundings as the perfect backdrop for the love story of this beautiful couple