Wedding Photography in Pula

Martina i Ivan

Location : Pula Croatia

Wedding photographer : Renata

Wedding videographer : Gogson


The story began when Martina hired us to photograph and film her wedding. The date set for that wonderful day was October 15, 2022, in the city of Pula. I was very excited to go to Pula because I had never been there before.

Check out Martina and Ivan's wedding video, capturing their entire day.
Martina i Ivan – FULL WEDDING DAY


The largest city in Istria, Pula, is not just the Pula Arena, Augustus' temple.
It is a charming city that reveals its beauty in different forms on every corner, street, and square. That is why we took advantage of the morning to photograph the city. To come to such a city to shoot and photograph a wedding is absolutely wonderful.

Wedding Photography in Pula

Wedding Photography in Pula

Wedding Photography in Pula

Photographing and filming the bride is very important.

Our bride Martina was at the hairdresser's and makeup artist's in the morning.
With her maid of honor, mother, and sister in a cheerful atmosphere at the Laura Zanetti salon , the ladies were getting ready to shine and having fun with great music.

Wedding Photography in Pula

Wedding Photography in Pula

Wedding Photography in Pula

Martina got dressed and prepared at the Park Plaza Histria hotel, so we did the filming and photographing of her and her maid of honor in the hotel suite.


It is a great privilege to be a part of that day when two people, their love, bring together two families. The families of Martina and Ivan experienced a lot of emotions on their wedding day.

What makes a good video and photograph are not just the people, landscapes, or decorations; it's actually the emotions that the photographer or videographer captures in the moments.
And in Pula, emotions were bursting at the seams. The Josipović and Stojčević families were overjoyed that their children were embarking on this wonderful adventure called marriage and were under strong emotional influence.

Ivan's side was very lively. His closest family, relatives, friends, and godparents gathered, singing and shedding a few tears, eagerly awaiting the moment to go get the bride.

For us, wedding photographers and videographers, this is an endless source of photography and filming.

As it always happens, time flies twice as fast on weddings.

Our groom was already ready to go and pick up the love of his life.
Accompanied by his best man and parents, they headed towards Martina's apartment.

Their meeting was... here I will stop because I cannot describe those emotions in words.
They remain in my memory as well as on the photos and video.

For the reception of the newlyweds and guests, a light snack was organized on a beautiful terrace overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

When they appeared together in front of their guests, they were greeted with thunderous applause and ovations.
They happily greeted their guests, and I followed them like a paparazzi, taking photos of my newlyweds, using every moment as the time to go to the church approached.

Photographing the wedding in the Church of Our Lady of the Sea

Shooting video and photographs of the wedding in the Church of Our Lady of the Sea was an absolutely unique experience. It was built on the hill of St. Polycarp in Pula at the end of the 19th century.

The view of the Pula harbor from the hill is very beautiful.
The interior of the church itself is fantastic with a unique combination of white and pink marble, perfect for us as wedding photographers and videographers.

When all the guests entered and our groom impatiently waited, Martina appeared at the door and dignifiedly entered the church with her father.

My camera was overheating, as I like to joke, because wherever I turned it, I had something to photograph. At the exit of the church, Martina and Ivan were greeted with a magnificent torchlight procession. Photographing such weddings is a fantastic experience.


Located on the picturesque Verudela peninsula, this elegant hotel with a Mediterranean ambiance offers a stunning view of the Adriatic Sea.
With its beautifully decorated spaces, Park Plaza Histria is the perfect choice to fulfill Martina's and Ivan's expectations for their wedding day.

The hall was ready for our newlyweds. After photographing the hall, decorations, and guests, our cameras were eagerly waiting for the entrance of the newlyweds. Photographing the wedding in Pula continued through the first dance and the party until late at night. Before the wedding cake, a small game was organized for the newlyweds that caused laughter and applause.

What makes a wedding unique?

The small doses of excitement, anticipation that start early in the morning, the mix of all emotions that appear on that day, elevating the day to a higher level, a day to remember.

Photographing and filming a wedding in Pula was just like that, unforgettable.